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MRS V Make-Up Routine

My Routine Beauty is all about feeling confident and loved. Then, you can have some fun with your make-up! Personally I keep it super simple!

Mary Jo Rathgeb’s Real Story

The MAKEOVER by MRS V Mary Jo Rathgeb, is a Personal Development Coach, and Energy Practitioner, working with people to find their WHY. guiding people through


Get Creative to de-stress

Many individuals are exposed to daily stressors from their professional and personal lives. That said, stress, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


My Favourite Dish!

Pancakes 1 cup of spelt flour1 cup of milk (or oat milk)1 eggMaple Syrup1 LemonButter *You can add some nuts like almond as well if

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Discover how acting your age, can reward you in ways you can never have imagined.

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Age Makes Us Richer

Start embracing our age, our wisdom and experience.


My passion is to flip AGELESS to AGERICH. To believe that it’s okay for the mind and body to age. To embrace the learning, the experience and the wisdom we gain, moment by moment & year by year. To encourage women to age without fear, feel the power of the feminine, the bliss of self love and to live a holistic way of life.