Are You Ready to Embrace Your Age + Unlock Your Personal Remedy to Success?
Are You Ready to Embrace Your Age + Unlock Your Personal Remedy to Success?


Ways to be AGERICH™ AND work with Mrs V


Browse articles on career, lifestyle, spirituality and health. Listen & watch our new Podcast on sharing remedies for life, have an oracle reading with Mrs V’s oracle cards and read your monthly horoscopes to be forearmed for the month ahead.


Alchemy Sessions with Mrs V to transform you to bring more abundance, find love, get clear and much more. Each session is 90 mins and jam packed with insights, healings, removal of blocks and advice on moving forward on your pathway.


Take part in LIVE and ONLINE workshops & Events with Mrs V and Expert Guests. The Workshops will cover: How to Overcome Obstacles, Finding Your Purpose, How to be an Alchemist and Personal Branding – the Spiritual and the practical.


Building confidence, understanding your value fusing skills and experience is what Mrs V brings to every keynote & guest appearance on TV, Radio, Podcasts and publications. Mrs V tailors her talks to integrate your values & goals.

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THE AGERICH™ PROGRAM – It’s Your Time to Shine!

Transform your career and business with this program dedicated to both men and women 50+, to discover how to reframe your life and awaken your inner alchemist. It’s a 7 Week Course online & face to face. 

Ways to be AGERICH™ AND work with Mrs V


Inspiring you to Find Your Own Remedy to Success in Life.

Mrs V just launched her podcast to share those precious remedies people gain from a lived life. Her latest episode with Olsen Gallery Founder, Tim Olsen, talks ART REMEDY giving you insights into be the best artist, at any age! Rich with inspiration and insights, the weekly show published on a Sunday will be something you’ll look forward to! AGERICH.Tv

Age Makes Us Richer

“Ageing needs to be celebrated, not feared. It’s a gift to get older, to see life through evolving eyes and to pass those insights and learnings onto others is crucial to our survival as a society.”


My passion is to flip AGELESS to AGERICH. To believe that it’s okay for the mind and body to age. To embrace the learning, the experience and the wisdom we gain, moment by moment & year by year. To encourage women to age without fear, feel the power of the feminine, the bliss of self love and to live a holistic way of life.